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  • Temporary PA System Rental

    Temporary PA System Rental

    We have extensive experience in providing audio visual solutions for every type of temporary event. Our inventory is very adaptable to your existing infrastructure. PA systems and sound reinforcement systems including wireless audio transmitting and receiving devices make installation a breeze, Our micro hire solutions are cost effective and can provide a number of specialist services that will assist in keeping your audience informed and entertained.
  • LED Screens & Scoreboards Rental

    LED Screens & Scoreboards Rental

    Our rental mobile LED screens have been designed to be easily installed, providing a flexible and professionally presented rental solution. Our objective is to provide high quality and professionally presented video screens to enhance your event. Our competitive and innovative solutions have changed the way event managers think about rental screen solutions. Let us make your next event a special event with a large eye catching rental LED screen.
  • Wireless Tote & POS Networking Rental

    Wireless Tote & POS Networking Rental

    WiFi and wireless networking is simple with our point to point network bridges. In many cases, The system is plug and play. No configuration is required. Your network will be as good in the temporary location as it is at the local source. Wireless technology can be quickly deployed for temporary situations including betting odds, tote and display systems, audio & video distribution, POS systems, temporary surveillance and security.